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What Is Relapse Prevention?


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Many folks don’t understand the power that addiction has over people and how difficult it is to quit using drugs or alcohol. In fact, relapsing is quite common in almost all people that become addicted to a substance. It is so common that many relapses several times before seeking treatment to get clean and sober the correct way. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), there are many reasons why relapse is so common, but the most prevalent is that the person tries to quit using drugs or alcohol on their own. 

At Living Now Recovery we understand the struggle that addiction and relapse represents and we want to give our clients the best chance possible at recovery. To do this, we believe information is key. In this post, we will answer the question “what is relapse prevention” and why relapse prevention is crucial to remaining sober. No one should have to deal with addiction and the fear of constantly relapsing due to not having the proper treatment. 

What Is Relapse Prevention? 

In short, relapse prevention is part of getting treatment at a licensed treatment facility and the continued support that begins once treatment ends. Relapse prevention is one of the cornerstones of recovery because there are so many factors that contribute to the potential for relapse. 

Relapse is not a singular instance, instead it occurs in stages that begin with emotional factors that may cause a person to think about using again. These can be life stresses, anxiety, pressure from peers or even underlying mental health issues. Often people begin using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism for something in their life. Once the emotional pressure to use kicks in, most people with addiction move on to the next stage of relapse. 

The next stage of relapse is the mental stage, where the person typically tries to fight the urge to use again because they know the consequences of substance abuse. Relapse prevention helps by addressing these emotional and mental issues and giving the addict the tools they need to cope with them. Without that, the person moves on to the final stage of relapse. 

The final stage of relapse is what most think of when they hear the term relapse, it is the physical act of using again. Once a person has been through the emotional and mental battle with addiction, without proper support, they almost always go back to using. This is one of the main reasons why trying to quit on your own doesn’t work. Without knowing why a person is addicted or having the tools to deal with the reasons for addiction, a person is much more likely to relapse once, twice, or even several times over before seeking treatment to become clean. 

Why Relapse Prevention Is Crucial To Remaining Sober 

Relapse prevention is often the key to getting sober and is a crucial component to the treatment process because it takes much more than quitting using to get and remain sober. There are many factors that lead to addiction and unless those factors are addressed with proper treatment and support, the person is likely to relapse. 

Living Now Recover is a sober living home for clients that have completed treatment and need a safe place to continue recovering and adjusting to returning to day to day life. We provide a place where clients can feel safe and secure and pursue things like finding employment, education, and repairing the damage that addiction has done. We help with relapse prevention by regularly screening clients and holding them accountable for their actions. We also have resources dedicated to mentoring clients during the sober living process so that their recovery becomes a way of life. 

If someone you know has relapsed and is trying to get clean, contact Living Now Recovery today.