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Tips for Maintaining Long Term Sobriety


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While most of us know that addiction exists, few understand just what an ordeal addiction is and how it is a lifelong struggle to get and stay sober. Many factors contribute to how a person becomes addicted and whether or not they can get clean. The truth is, addiction is a disease, one that continues to afflict people long after they enter and have completed treatment. There is no cure for addiction, instead, there is a series of steps to take in order to continue staying sober. In this post, we will discuss some of the tips for maintaining long term sobriety.

At Living Now Recovery, we know how impactful addiction can be to your life and how everyone deserves the opportunity to get and stay sober. That’s why we believe in giving our clients every opportunity to make sure that they have the highest chances of maintaining sobriety.  

Tips for Maintaining Long Term Sobriety

While addiction is a constant struggle and just getting treatment can be a real difficulty, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of successfully maintaining sobriety. The following are some tips for maintaining long term sobriety:

Tip #1: Understand You Have an Addiction 

The first step to getting and staying sober is realizing that you have an addiction and that in order to get clean, you have to have professional help. Many people try to self-detox or quit using drugs or alcohol by themselves and have a much higher rate of relapsing than those who get professional treatment help. 

Tip #2: Accept That You Need Help

Once you realize that you have an addiction, you can’t simply quit. The next step is recognizing that you need help. It can be difficult for a person suffering under the strain of addiction not only to realize that they can’t beat it alone, but to agree to go into a treatment facility. There is no shame in getting treatment. In fact, it has the highest odds of success. 

Tip #3: Find the Treatment Center That’s Right For You 

Once you’ve accepted that you need help getting clean, the next step is to find a treatment facility that has the right services for your unique addiction situation. There are a variety of treatment options, such as outpatient care for those who want to recover but have life responsibilities and inpatient care facilities where the client stays until their treatment plan is complete. 

Tip #4: Get Continuing Care and Support to Stay Sober

Addiction doesn’t end once treatment ends. To maximize your chances for long-term sobriety, it’s a good idea to seek out services to help you maintain your sobriety while you try to rebuild your life and cope with the day-to-day challenges that go with it. Finding options like sober living facilities will help you focus on your recovery while giving you the support and accountability needed to avoid relapsing and using drugs or alcohol again. 

How Living Now Recovery Can Help You Maintain Long-Term Sobriety

Even though treatment is a vital part of achieving sobriety, sometimes it takes extra support to maintain it long-term. That’s where Living Now Recovery can help. Our sober living facilities give those in recovery a safe place to live while they try to rebuild their lives. Our sober living homes offer a variety of support services like mentoring and partnerships with outpatient and aftercare service providers. 

The goal of sober living is also to hold those in recovery accountable for their actions while giving them a place to live. Our sober living homes for men are comfortable, affordable, and located in a calming and relaxing environment. All our clients have to focus on is staying sober and transitioning back into society. 
If you or someone you know is having trouble getting and staying sober, contact Living Now Recovery today.