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The Signs of Drug Addiction Relapse To Look Out For


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Millions of Americans deal with the signs and symptoms of drug addiction every day. Battling addiction is a lifelong struggle and relapse is a distinct possibility, even under the best of circumstances. The important thing though is to make sure that the person is able to keep trying, even if they relapse. The trouble is that many people may not recognize the signs of drug addiction relapse when they happen and thus don’t know that their loved one is struggling. 

At Living Now Recovery our goal is to give our clients and their loved ones the best chance possible to safely enter treatment and get on the path to recovery without relapsing. This includes providing them with the information they will need to recognize relapse when it occurs and to help them find the right solution to get back to sobriety and on to a better life free of drug addiction. 

What Is a Drug Addiction Relapse? 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most people suffering from addiction are likely to relapse at least once during their recovery from addiction. A relapse is typically considered when a person who is in recovery or has stopped using drugs, begins using again. This can happen for a number of reasons. 

One of the most common reasons a person who is trying to quit using drugs will relapse is because of the side effects of withdrawal. Withdrawal from drugs occurs when a person goes without using drugs for a set amount of time and the body begins to react to the lack of the substance. 

Another common reason for relapse is due to daily life stresses that cause a person to want to use drugs again to cope. This is often because they haven’t identified the root cause of the addiction and have failed to learn the skills necessary to deal with day-to-day life issues. This is why recovery is most successful after treatment at a specialized addiction treatment facility. 

What Are the Signs of Drug Addiction Relapse? 

The signs of drug addiction relapse are more than just seeing someone use drugs again. Unfortunately, relapse is more of a process that a person goes through before they start using again. 

It typically begins with feelings of anger or distress over their situation. They may change their day-to-day habits and begin to doubt the merits of being sober. This is usually accompanied by mental stress and anguish over considering whether to use drugs again. This is often the most intense part of the relapse process before a person uses again, as they are struggling internally with the urge to use versus staying sober. 

Physical relapse is the last stage of the process and is the act of physically using the substance again. Once a person relapses, they can easily become fully addicted again without intervention and returning to treatment. While relapse is a setback, it certainly does not mean that a person cannot get back on the path to sobriety, and having the proper treatment and support is crucial to continuing the recovery process. 

How To Get Help With a Drug Addiction Relapse 

The first step to getting help with a drug addiction relapse is realizing that you or your loved one has a problem. Next, it’s important to search for the right kind of treatment options so that success is much more likely. 

Transitioning from a treatment facility to a sober living environment like the one at Living Now Recovery will increase the odds of successful recovery while providing a safe place for those addicted to doing the things they need to return to a happy and sober life. The best part is that clients are still held accountable and sobriety is maintained with incentives to pursue life goals. 

We offer sober living options and mentoring services while clients try to get an education, find a job, and even housing as they continue their sobriety journey. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, contact Living Now Recovery today!