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Once you clear drugs and alcohol from your system and get sober, it’s time to start living your life in recovery. In the beginning, this can sound like an overwhelming thought, and that’s why it is essential to have an aftercare plan. Whether you attend an inpatient, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient program during rehab, you will still have much work to do to build a life in recovery. Rehab is about getting sober, learning why you used in the first place, and recovering enough of yourself to start living a life without drugs and alcohol. Continuing to work on your recovery after rehab is committing that life. At Living Now Recovery, we understand the importance of aftercare after rehab, and we’re here to continue to support you as you build your long-term recovery. 

Is Inpatient Rehab Enough to Cure My Addiction?

Being in recovery is complicated and easy at all once. The moment you decide to stop using drugs and alcohol, you are in recovery. However, that decision doesn’t lead to the instant acquisition of recovery superpowers. You have to work overtime to create those, and that’s why inpatient rehab is typically not enough. Getting sober is a bit like learning how to ride a bike. Rehab teaches you how to get on the bike and how to pedal. Aftercare helps you to remove the training wheels, how to get back up when you fall, and how to train for the long ride of life. You have to learn how to live sober over the long haul, and that takes practice. More than anything, aftercare helps you to have a support system in early sobriety. Whether your aftercare plan includes therapy, peer support recovery groups, a sober living community, or some combination, you will have support. Finally, aftercare provides a safe haven. No matter what is going on in your life after rehab, the time you spent in aftercare will be hours that are focused on self-care and recovery. 

Why You Should Follow Through With an Aftercare Plan When You Leave Rehab

For the rest of your life, every choice you make will be a choice that either supports your recovery or does not. Some of these decisions will be small, while others will be much more impactful. Choosing to create an aftercare plan and continue working on your recovery after rehab is one of the most impactful choices you can make to support yourself. Once you have completed rehab, you will begin to live your sober life, and you will encounter situations you had not even imagined. Having an aftercare plan and a support network will help you to meet any challenges head-on and sober. And while you may have family and friends who want to support your recovery, there is nothing quite like the support you’ll receive from others who are also in recovery. Like it or not, those in recovery are wired just a bit differently than those who are not. Talking to people who are facing the same struggles can make all of the difference in the world. 

How Living Now Recovery Can Help You With Addiction Recovery

At Living Now Recovery, we provide a safe space for recovering addicts to reside in, in beautiful Venice Beach, California. Generally speaking, just attending inpatient rehab isn’t enough to help someone stay sober for the long term. Sober living is a great housing option for those who have completed inpatient rehab and/or those attending outpatient addiction treatment. 

Our mission is simple, to provide the highest value transitional living environment at the most affordable cost in the most desirable location. Reach out to us today to learn more about sober living and how it would benefit you or your loved one’s addiction recovery!