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Many of us have had loved ones who have dealt with addiction. One of the biggest issues that folks battling addiction face is going back to a life where they were previously addicted. Many times the struggles of addiction are too powerful and the potential for relapse is quite high. That’s where sober living in Venice Beach can be the stepping stone to going from treatment to living a life of recovery. 

Each person suffering from addiction goes through their own unique challenges. That’s why at Living Now Recovery we work to provide the right sober living in Venice Beach to keep them focused on dealing with their addiction issues, the problems that caused their addiction in the first place, and how to come back to a normal day to day life on the path to sobriety. 

If you’re unfamiliar with what a sober living home actually is, that’s ok, we’re here to explain it to you and show you how sober living in Venice Beach can help your loved one with their unique addiction struggle. You and your loved one aren’t alone. There are experts out there who can help. 

What Is a Sober Living Home? 

Simply put, a sober living home is a safe space for those recovering from addiction to continue recovering, while also trying to rebuild their lives. A sober living home is a step in between treatment and going back to their normal everyday lives. Oftentimes there are still many issues that addiction sufferers can face such as anxiety, the urge to use again, stress at trying to return to normal life, and fears of not being able to find housing, employment, and other needs. 

A sober living home combines a safe place for recovery with the freedom to live a somewhat normal life that is different from a treatment center. That is not to say that a sober living home is not without its own methods of treatment. Residents are able to engage in activities to help them stay sober while also trying to gain education, find employment, and other opportunities. These things are available along with mentorships, community programs like 12 step programs, and other aftercare assistance. 

Many of these opportunities are there to help those in recovery have a more successful path to returning to a normal life. We know about the terrible things that addiction can do to the life of the person suffering and their family. That’s why we offer a sober living space that gives recovery a better shot at success. 

The Benefits of Going to a Sober Living Home in Venice Beach 

One of the main benefits of going to a sober living home in Venice Beach is that it gives those in recovery a local place to stay while they get their life back on track. Like we talked about, addiction can destroy the lives of those addicted, and rebuilding after treatment takes time. 

As part of the aftercare process, sober living offers them a step-by-step approach to reentering society. This approach is also kept together by constant monitoring, check-ins, drug screenings, and treatment sessions to make sure residents are staying sober. Sober living in Venice Beach is akin to freedom with the right amount of opportunity and oversight to maximize the potential for success. 

Living now recovery is dedicated to helping those who’ve been through addiction treatment continue their recovery by providing a place to live and a whole range of aftercare services. Safety combined with accountability is just what a person recovering from addiction needs to be successful. If you or a loved one are in addiction treatment and need sober living in Venice Beach, contact Living Now Recovery today.