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Why Choose a Sober Living House in Los Angeles California?


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One of the things that many people, even those suffering from addiction, do not realize is that addiction doesn’t end just because a person goes into detox or treatment. Once treatment ends, it is a day-to-day struggle to remain sober. This is because addiction is a disease that there is no cure for. Only by getting the right kind of treatment and follow-up care is sobriety possible, and long-term sobriety takes work long after treatment ends. That’s why many people choose to continue treatment and find a place to go where they have the support they need once they have completed their rehabilitation treatment program.

At Living Now Recovery, we know that it is difficult for many people who have gone through rehab to transition back into a typical life. That is why we are there to offer them the support they need to remain sober while they continue to rebuild their lives and gain the tools and skills they need to return to an everyday life free of drugs and alcohol. Part of that process is telling those suffering from addiction and their families about the importance of sober living homes. In this post, we will focus on the meaning of sober living, why sober living is essential, what role sober living should play in you or your loved ones’ recovery, and the benefits of choosing sober living in California.

What Does Sober Living Mean?

Sober living refers to a type of transitory housing between completing an addiction treatment program and returning to typical day-to-day life. These are often good options for those who have suffered from addiction and gone through treatment but don’t yet feel ready to return to their everyday lives.

Typically sober living homes are places where people suffering from addiction can live together under the supervision of the housing staff and still pursue goals like finding employment and education without having to worry about many of the stressors that lead to addiction in the first place. Staying sober is an ongoing struggle, and without the proper tools and support, it can be difficult to reenter society without the threat of relapse. Sober living houses in Los Angeles, California, can mean the difference between long-term sobriety and relapsing into addiction.

Why is Sober Living Important?

Sober living is important because it helps bridge the gap between rehabilitation and returning to society. This can often be overwhelming, or the client may simply not be ready to return without additional time and support. Sober living provides both support and accountability so that people suffering from addiction can focus on staying sober while achieving their goals before they return to their regular life free of addiction. The truth is, oftentimes, parts of our daily lives can be the trigger that leads us down the path of addiction, and without knowing how to deal with those struggles, it’s so easy to relapse.

Sober living can truly make the difference between returning to a life of addiction and making the next step in the journey to sobriety.

What Role Should a Sober Living House Play in Your Recovery?

Addiction treatment at a licensed facility is always the first step in your recovery, but after that, sober living is the next vital step in maintaining a long-lasting sobriety. Sober living should be considered follow-up care to rehab. Once rehab is complete, going to a sober living home is the next logical step so that you can continue rebuilding your life and figuring out how to stay sober on a daily basis.

Having the extra communal support and the means to find things like education, job training, and continued emotional care can make a huge difference in how a person returns to their friends and family and whether they are able to cope without drugs and alcohol.

The Benefits of Choosing Sober Living in California

There are several reasons why choosing a sober living home in California is a good idea. For starters, finding a sober living home in your backyard, like ours here at Living Now Recovery, means that we are familiar with the area and have your best interests in mind. Secondly, we’re local, so you won’t have to go far to get the follow-up care you need to stay sober. Being in a familiar environment can make the stress of transitioning a little easier.

We offer supervised sober living for men in California so that they have the ability to continue recovery while feeling safe and secure in our sober living homes and still being held accountable for their actions. We offer additional services like mentoring as well to help continue treatment and support once rehab has ended until our clients are ready to return to their normal lives.
If you or someone you know has gone through treatment for addiction, consider Living Now Recovery as your next step in the path to sobriety.