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How is a Rehab Alumni Program Used in Recovery?


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When most of us think of addiction, we think of a person getting treatment at a treatment facility at the end of the journey. However, this is never the case, as addiction is a lifelong struggle that continues after completing a treatment program at a facility. There are many steps to the recovery journey, and treatment is just one of them. It often takes continuing care after treatment has ended for a person to truly return to a normal life free of drugs and alcohol. That is why many treatment programs come with additional resources and programs for their clients who have completed treatment. One such program in this is an alumni program for those who have completed treatment but wish to stay connected to the kind staff members of the facility and the resources associated with the treatment facility.

At Living Now Recovery, we believe that everyone deserves the chance at a full and complete recovery from addiction and the best chances of continuing on with their life without relapse. Today, we will discuss alumni rehab programs, the importance of aftercare in recovery, how alumni rehab programs are used in recovery, and how to find a rehab alumni program near you. Sometimes all it takes is the right support system in place in order for a person to go from potentially returning to drug use to leading a highly successful life.

What is the Importance of Aftercare in Recovery?

It’s important to remember that addiction doesn’t simply go away once a person completes treatment. There are still issues to work through before a person can return to their normal life. Even then, addiction is a lifelong battle, and continuing care is always needed to make sure that a person is able to deal with the day-to-day life stressors that can lead to addiction and relapse and he has the tools to maintain their sobriety.

Aftercare is so important because it provides the additional support needed once treatment ends for a person to continue their journey of recovery. Aftercare can take various forms from support groups, counseling, job placement programs, and educational resources. Addiction often causes life-altering consequences, and the journey to work back from those is often difficult, even more so than not using drugs or alcohol. Having additional support systems in place can make all the difference between whether or not a person has a successful recovery or lines up using again.

What is a Rehab Alumni Program?

A rehab alumni program is a program for those clients of a treatment facility who have completed the treatment process and are looking for continued recovery. An alumni program allows those who completed treatment to stay connected with the facility, the staff, and other patients who have completed their treatment as well. This creates an excellent network of resources available to the person to aid in their recovery. It also allows them to hear from other people who have successfully been through treatment and are now returning to their day-to-day lives. This extra perspective can often make a huge difference in whether or not a person is successful in their own recovery. 

Having the support of other former addicts has shown to be highly successful in helping others complete their recovery. Not only that, but through an alumni program, different individuals get to see people at different stages of their recovery, meaning they get to know what the process is like and some of the potential struggles that they may face on their own journey.

How is a Rehab Alumni Program Used in Recovery?

The rehab alumni program is typically used just like other Aftercare Services as a support network for those that have completed treatment. Unlike other programs such as 12 step programs, an alumni program connects them directly with resources from the same treatment facility they were a client of. This allows patients to build a bond with the staff and to get continued support and resources throughout their recovery journey. This can be incredibly effective in helping those who are struggling to get the tools and assistance they need to overcome their issues, as the treatment facility is already familiar with their individual addiction needs and the potential struggles they may have.

That is not to mention the addition of being able to talk with others who have been to the same facility and received treatment who may have experience dealing with similar issues. 

How to Find a Rehab Alumni Program?

Most reputable treatment facilities should offer some type of rehab alumni program. You could search for a treatment center near you that offers a rehab alumni program or come to us at Living Now Recovery. 

We are a men’s sober living facility that offers a wide variety of services, from rehab mentoring and counseling to job placement and education resources. We believe it is our job to give former addicts the help they need to complete their recovery, including a safe place to stay. We are there for people who have completed treatment and just need extra help before they move on to return to their everyday lives.
We have resources available to help clients find all of the support services they need, including finding rehab alumni programs that work for them. If you or someone you know is considering going through addiction treatment or has been through addiction treatment and needs help continuing their recovery, contact us at Living Now Recovery today.