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Battling addiction can be a difficult process. Once you’ve realized you have a problem and begin the process of recovery, the most difficult part can be maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. 

Once treatment ends, it is important to find a place where you can go to continue your sobriety and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is dedicated to wellness. One such place that can help you maintain your sobriety in a safe and healthy environment is a recovery house. 

Before you search for just any “recovery houses near me”, we want to give you the tips and advice you need to find the right place to continue your wellness journey and stay on the path to sobriety. 

What Is a Recovery House? 

You may have heard the term “recovery house” and are wondering what it means and how it can help your recovery. A recovery house is a place where recovering addicts can live while transitioning from treatment back into their former day-to-day life.

Unlike treatment centers, recovery houses focus on providing a family-like living environment that includes support and services. A proper recovery house offers a home-like atmosphere that lets recovering addicts feel like they are in a safe and cozy setting. 

The recovery house will also offer services to help cope with returning to normal life, such as peer counseling, proactive screening, and other services that help promote sobriety. 

Residents will typically stay at a recovery house for between 6-9 months while they continue their aftercare treatment and adjust to a sober lifestyle. Programs will vary by person, with services being tailored to the need of the individual. 

Finding “recovery houses near me” with the right combination of comforts and support is crucial to a successful transition from treatment to clean and sober living. Depending on the severity of the addiction additional support services and treatment may be needed. That’s why it’s important to find the right recovery house for you. 

Why Are Recovery Houses an Important Part of Maintaining Sobriety? 

Many people believe that once treatment ends, they will be able to return to living their normal life. While it is possible to continue sober living without aftercare treatment and support, there is a higher chance of relapse without the help of a recovery house. 

This is because returning to daily life and maintaining sobriety is difficult without the proper tools and support to deal with the potential stress and anxiety that comes with day-to-day living. 

Oftentimes, people in recovery from addiction will find themselves overwhelmed by all the stresses of living sober along with finding employment, housing, education, and other necessities. 

The best recovery houses, like those at Living Now Recovery, offer programs that help with employment, education, finding sustainable housing, and other needs. 

One of the greatest benefits of a recovery house is the ability to be held accountable with regular drug screenings, peer counseling, and mentorship programs that focus on maintaining sobriety over the long term. 

Regular monitoring helps keep people sober while they learn to cope with daily stresses and rebuild their lives from the damage that addiction may have caused. By learning the tools and techniques to cope with life after addiction, recovering patients are less likely to return to the addictive behavior. 

People who transition to a recovery house after treatment have a higher chance of maintaining sobriety. 

Looking for “Recovery Houses Near Me”? Trust Living Now Recovery

Living Now Recovery is dedicated to the health and wellness of people recovering from addiction. We believe in providing an environment that is comfortable and safe, but still holds our clients accountable and promotes sobriety.
With convenient locations, finding  “recovery houses near me” is easier than you may think. If you’re ready to get and stay on the path to sobriety, contact Living Now Recovery and see how we can help you stay sober today.