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How to Find a Men’s Rehab Program in Orange County


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Addiction can affect everyone. No matter your background, substance abuse can negatively impact your life and those you love. While no one is immune from the ravages of addiction, men often develop a drug and alcohol addiction in unique ways. When men decide to make the decision to enter treatment, a traditional drug treatment program may not meet those unique needs. In order for men to get the tools and support they need to get and stay in recovery, a mens rehab program in Orange County provides the best chance at long-term success.

Are There Men’s Only Rehabs?

If you are a man looking for treatment, you may wonder if there are Orange County men’s rehab facilities. While there are countless numbers of “traditional” rehabs that offer evidence-based treatment and expert support, those facilities may not be right for you. Men have unique needs when it comes to treatment:

  • Many men have been taught to suppress their emotions and not let their true feelings emerge. As a result, drugs and alcohol often take the place of open and honest communication.
  • Men feel considerable stress as the result of intense competition in school and the workplace, and men who feel they “fall short” may resort to substance use as a way to cope.
  • Men are taught to be aggressive and fearless and not show vulnerability.

With these considerations in mind, a traditional rehab may not provide the space and comfort for men to truly dive deep into the underlying roots of their addiction. A men’s rehab program in Orange County provides the tools and support needed for men to truly transform themselves and become happy and healthy individuals.

An increasing number of facilities include men’s rehab programs as part of their offering. Also, there are facilities that are exclusively men’s rehab facilities whose programs and services are specifically created to address the unique needs of men in addiction treatment.

What are the Benefits of Men’s Rehab Treatment?

Men’s treatment in Orange County provides clients numerous benefits when compared to more traditional co-ed rehabs. The most significant benefits of Orange County men’s rehab are the following:

Focus on Men’s Issues

A mens rehab program in Orange County is designed to address the specific issues that impact men. As already stated, men may come into treatment unable to adequately express their emotions and feel more significant stress due to competition at work and school. The belief that men need to be stoic and strong creates more barriers when it comes to treatment. A men’s rehab in Orange County has specially tailored programs that allow men to be free and honest about their feelings in a non-judgmental environment.

Group Therapy

Mens rehab program in Orange County places more emphasis on group therapy. When surrounded by males who experience similar struggles, they are more likely to open up about past trauma and feel more comfortable in opening up about deeply personal issues.

Emphasis on Nutrition and Exercise Therapy

On average, men seek treatment at an older age than women. As a result, men may have more serious physical and mental health issues. Men’s treatment in Orange County features nutritional and exercise programs that help men regain their physical and psychological vigor.

Building a Solid Support Network

A considerable benefit of a men’s rehab program is the opportunity to build a strong support network. Not only does a support network keep people motivated as they work on their individual programs of recovery, but it also gives them the chance to build authentic friendships that can last a lifetime.

How to Find a Mens Rehab Program in Orange County

The tools and support found in a men’s rehab program in Orange County give you the best opportunity to transform your life. If you are looking for a men’s program in Southern California, call Living Now Sober Living today. Living Now provides safe, affordable, and comfortable sober living for men in Venice Beach. In addition to sober living, we offer evidence-based outpatient treatment through our partnership with Thrive Treatment. Additionally, we offer mentorship through one-on-one home visits, drug testing, and recovery accountability.
Today is the day you break free from addiction for good. Call Living Now toll-free today and take your first confident steps towards recovery.