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How to Get a Loved One to Seek Addiction Treatment


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Living with a loved one who has an addiction is a difficult situation. Not only is it difficult to watch them battle their addiction, but it can also have negative consequences for everyone around them. It can be even more challenging to talk to an addict about their problem, and sometimes taking the wrong approach can make the situation worse. We all want to get our loved ones the help they need, but you need to know how to handle the situation properly to do so. 

At Living Now Recovery, we want our clients and their families to have the help they need to deal with addiction and its consequences and ultimately for the person to get clean and sober. In this blog, we will discuss how to tell if a loved one is abusing substances, how to know if a person needs to go to rehab and how to get a loved one to seek addiction treatment.

Signs of Substance Abuse 

In order to know how to get a loved one to seek addiction treatment, you have to be able to recognize the signs of substance abuse. Fortunately, many different signs can indicate drug abuse if you know what to look for. 

The first and most obvious sign is if you see them using drugs or alcohol. This includes seeing them take pills, inject drugs, or drink alcohol. If you see them doing any of these things on a regular basis, then it is likely they have a problem with substance abuse.

Another sign that someone is abusing substances is if their behavior changes. This could manifest itself in many different ways, but some common examples include missing work or school, losing interest in hobbies or activities they used to enjoy, withdrawing from friends and family, changing eating or sleeping habits, increased secrecy and lying, mood swings, or irritability. 

These are just a few examples, so it is important to investigate further if you notice any sudden or drastic changes in your loved one’s behavior.

How to Know if a Person Needs to Go to Rehab? 

If you are unsure whether or not your loved one needs rehab, it’s a good idea to examine their behavior and its impact on their life. If you see that they are suffering negative consequences and have become dependent on substance use, then rehab is the next step in order to get them on the path to sobriety. 

Another thing to consider is how far the addiction has progressed. If your loved one is struggling with a severe addiction, then they will likely need to go to an inpatient rehab facility where they can receive around-the-clock care. However, outpatient treatment may be more appropriate if their addiction is less severe. 

Ultimately it is up to you and your loved one’s doctor to decide what type of rehab program is best for them.

How to Get a Loved One to Seek Addiction Treatment? 

Now that you know some of the signs of substance abuse and how to tell if a person needs rehab, we will discuss some ways on how to get a loved one to seek addiction treatment. 

The most important thing is that you approach the situation with love and understanding. Yelling, shaming, or threatening them will only push them away and make it more difficult for them to seek help. 

Reminding them that they are loved and supported and that they have an understanding place they can go to get help will make the process of seeking treatment that much easier. 

Once treatment is complete, your loved one may need a place they can go where they can continue to get help and focus on rebuilding their life while attaining the skills they need to return to normal society. That’s where Living Now Recovery becomes an excellent resource for those who have been through addiction treatment. 

We offer men’s sober living as a safe place to go once rehab has ended. Our sober living homes are safe and secure and offer a great deal of support, including access to mentoring, 12-step programs, and peer support from others facing similar problems with addiction. 
When your loved one decides to get the help they need, don’t forget to contact Living Now Recovery to see about sober living in Venice Beach, CA.