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How Long Does a Sober Living Program Last?


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There are several options when it comes to addiction treatment in Southern California. Each option has a specific purpose and has tremendous benefits for those looking to get and stay sober. Sober living programs are one effective treatment option that doesn’t get much attention. These programs allow people to live in residences supported by recovering peers and expert staff. The tools and support clients receive in these facilities give residents that confidence and motivation they need to walk confidently in recovery.

If you have been interested in finding sober living homes in Southern California and think it is a good fit, you may ask yourself, how long does a sober living program last? This article will give you more information on the purpose of sober living programs and answer the question of how long is sober living. If you are ready to take the leap into sober living, Living Now Recovery can help you! Our men’s sober living programs are designed to meet the specific needs of men. Call us today to learn more!

What is the Purpose of Sober Living?

Commonly known as halfway houses, sober living environments are stable alcohol and drug-free environments. Within these residences, clients can work on the healthy coping and living skills they need to support their recovery. In most cases, sober living homes are a “bridge” program for those who completed an intensive inpatient program and need a smooth and safe transition back into their normal daily lives. However, there are cases where people can enter sober living if their substance abuse issues are mild but want support, so their problems don’t grow worse over time.

When compared to other treatment programs, sober living homes are less structured and supervised. People who live in these residences are in various stages of recovery and are able to look after their families and attend work or school. Despite the looser structure, sober living homes feature a staff that has significant sobriety and are employed by a private organization or the treatment facility itself.

People who choose to live in sober living facilities will pay monthly dues as rent and are responsible for the upkeep of the facility. Residences are strongly encouraged to attend 12-step meetings or other recovery support groups. While in residence, they must continue working on their individual recovery plan. They are also strongly encouraged to organize job searches, housing, and work on rebuilding the relationships that were compromised during their addiction.

How Long Does a Sober Living Program Last?

A sober living program is an attractive choice for many people looking to strengthen their recovery programs. Often, the first question people ask is how long does a sober living program last? It is an obvious and understandable question. While the structure of sober living allows people the freedom to work and attend to family obligations, it is good to know how long one needs to stay in this type of program to be effective.

The truth is there are no specific requirements for lengths of stay. In reality, the sober living program length is determined by your needs. You may need a more extended stay in a sober living house if you have been through drug treatment more than once and have relapsed. In these cases, a sober environment may be that missing piece you need to stay on track for the long run. Longer stays in sober living residences may also be wise if you don’t have a strong support system at home. There may be cases where you had to give up your residence while in a residential treatment program and need time to earn the money needed for a security deposit, first month’s rent, and furniture.

Generally, you can stay in a sober living residence as long as you need. You will need to pay your monthly dues and attend mandatory house meetings. You will also need to abide by house rules and not bring substances on the premises. In most cases, people will stay for several months and even up to a year, depending on their circumstances.

How to Find Men’s Sober Living in Southern California

If you are a man looking for sober living in Venice, CA, you have many choices. While it is comforting to know there are countless sober living facilities to choose from, they are not all created equal. The best sober living residences feature clean state-of-the-art homes, weekly drug testing, strong mentorship programs, expert compassionate staff, and a focus on helping you achieve both independence and long-term recovery. Living Now Recovery is a top-tier men’s sober living facility.

Located in beautiful Venice Beach, we have over a decade of experience in helping men from all walks of life achieve meaningful sobriety. We are family-focused and are committed to creating a strong, vibrant, and supportive environment for you to gain confidence in your recovery. Call us today and begin your transformation into the healthy and happy person you want to be.