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Trusted Men's Sober Living Homes

Sober Living in Venice, California

Experience a safe, affordable, and comfortable sober living environment at Living Now Recovery’s sober living homes in stunning Venice Beach, California. 

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Affordable Sober Living Homes in Beautiful Venice Beach

Living Now sober living homes in California are safe, comfortable, and affordable sober livings located right in the heart of one of the most diverse and vibrant cultural centers in the world, Venice, California. 

Through daily meditation, goal setting, weekly drug testing, the 12 step fellowships, and a focus on becoming independent, we provide the ideal setting for transitioning into the world as a fully self-actualized, contributing member of the community.

Living Now’s is camaraderie driven. By fostering fellowship and a sense of community within the house, our staff helps nurture a supportive platform where residents can grow and develop the tools necessary to live meaningful lives.

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Recovery-Focused Sober Living for Men in Venice Beach

Sober Living Program

Learn more about our sober living homes in Venice Beach, California.

Our Sober Homes

Explore our two men's sober living homes located in the heart of Venice Beach.

Mentoring Program

Living Now Recovery offers a guided mentoring program to all clients.

Outpatient & Aftercare

Discover how our clients access our trusted outpatient partners.

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Why Choose Us?

The Living Now Recovery Difference

Accountability & Safety

From daily check-ins to drug screening & relapse prevention educations provide residents accountability in early recovery.


Residents enjoy group outings, daily meetings, fully equipped cross-fit style gym along with an infrared sauna & cold plunge, and most importantly, a true community of recovery at Living Now Recovery sober homes in Venice Beach.

Centrally Located

Our homes are within walking distance of Abbot Kinney & Venice Beach, the perfect setting for restarting your life.

Weekly Check-Ins

We offer weekly family check-ins so you always know how your loved one is doing.

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Career & Education Support

Living Now Recovery offers career & education support to all residents.

Applying to Our Sober Living

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Application & Interview
If Living Now Recovery is a fit for you, we will begin the interview and pre-assessment process so we can get to know you better
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Join our sober living community in Venice Beach, CA and find lasting recovery for good

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What Clients Say About Us

"I am sober over a year and have everything I ever wanted when i was in active addiction. I highly recommend Living Now if you're serious about getting sober and want to be surrounded by people who care and want the best for you."
Colin, 29
"Living Now gave me the independence and freedom that I wanted with the accountability that I needed to keep me honest while also forging my own path. Today I'm sober 2 years, employed, financially independent and happier than I've ever been. Living Now is a big reason why!"
David L., 31
"More than anything else, my experience at Living Now taught me how to stop wallowing in the past and being in fear about what's happening down the road. It takes time and I'm still learning but Living Now gave me the environment to build this foundation."
Jack S., 23
"I am so fortunate to be in a place where I do not need mind altering substances to work through my issues. A huge part of why I am where I am today is Living Now Recovery"
AJ, 33
"They were always available to take our texts and calls and to meet with us when needed. Their support reached beyond our son and to our family. We thank the staff at Living Now from the bottom of our hearts and are forever grateful."
Joni L, Parent
"The brotherhood of the house is unexplainable. I went in with nothing. Now I have two jobs and a studio by the beach. This house quite literally saved my life."
Dan W., 39
"I have worked closely with the staff at Living Now for some time now. They do great work and I feel very confident referring clients there after treatment."
Zach B., Therapist